“Crazy for You” Available NOW


Get my new book “Crazy for You,” about the Rusty Sneiderman murder in Atlanta. It’s available now on Amazon. Read a free excerpt.

Here’s the publisher’s description:


A typical morning in the Atlanta suburbs: Businessman Rusty Sneiderman drops his beloved son off at the Dunwoody Prep nursery. In the parking lot, a minivan pulls up next to his car. The driver pulls out a gun—and shoots Rusty four times in the chest.


Sneiderman’s devoted wife, Andrea, is devastated by the crime. Who could have done this? She is shocked when police trace the shooting to a man named Hemy Neuman—who happens to be Andrea’s adoring boss.


The prosecution accuses Andrea and Hemy of having a “forbidden relationship,” and of conspiring to collect $2 million in her husband’s life insurance. But Andrea swears she never intended to kill Rusty—and that it is Hemy who’s “delusional” and obsessed. With the charges against her dropped, and the insurance money frozen, Andrea remains a mysterious character. Only one other person—the man who pulled the trigger—knows the truth about what really happened…

With 8 pages of dramatic photos!

2 thoughts on ““Crazy for You” Available NOW”

  1. Burl Barer says:

    Thrilled to have you on our show, TRUE CRIME UNCENSORED on OUTLAW RADIO USA this coming Saturday 2pm!

    1. mfleeman says:

      Yes, looking forward to it!

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