Next Book: Harold Henthorn Murder Case in Colorado

Harold and Toni Henthorn on the hike that ended in her death.

Harold and Toni Henthorn on the hike that ended in her death.

I just finished the manuscript for my next next true-crime book. It follows the story of Harold Henthorn, the Colorado man whose wife died in a fatal fall off a cliff in Rocky Mountain National Park in 2012 (the photo above was a selfie they took shortly before her death).

He came under suspicion because of his ever-shifting accounts of how she fell and the fact that he stood to collect more than $4.5 million in life insurance. The big twist was that his first wife, Lynn, also died, under very similar circumstances — a supposed accident with Harold as the only witness and a big insurance payout waiting. After a shoddy investigation, Harold escaped any official scrutiny until the second Mrs. Henthorn died, 17 years later. The book explores both death cases, the years-long investigation that led to Harold’s arrest, the trial that determined his fate, and the 100-year-old murder case that would come to haunt him along the way. There will also be personal photos from the families and evidence photos from the trial. The book is still months away from publication, but here’s a cover story I did last year for Westword that offers a preview:  THE SENSATIONAL HAROLD HENTHORN MURDER CASE HAUNTS DOUGLAS COUNTY

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